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  • Fixed some small issues on the ChartFrame component (most important the resize).
  • Added plug-in structure for functionalities on ChartFrame.
    • the menu can be completely customized according to users preferences).
    • additionally users can define and attach their own plug-ins.


  • HighChartJS wrappers: on setType propagates the type to all included series
    • setType(String type) implicitly applies the new type to all series
    • setType(String type, boolean propagate) you can decide if the type must be propagated to all series in the chart.
  • SeriesType: managing rawOptions for series
  • HighChart: getSeriesList to manually handle for each series the raw options.

1.1.4 (minor release)

  • Simply modified the SeriesType to add parameters of types in the range (Number, String, RawStringType, ChartType).
    • It was setRawOption(final String path, final String option), now becomes setRawOption(final String path, final Object option)
    • Notice options with type different from (Number, String, RawStringType, ChartType) will be serialized by accessing their toString() representation (at this level nesting is not allowed so no maps or arrays are supported).

1.1.5 (bug fix for 1.1.4)

  • Fixed a bug at initialization of HighChartJS component before rendering its container. The problem was introduced in 1.1.4 with manually manipulation of series. It happened that the injection of JS happened before the div for containing it was rendered (thanks to andre for reporting the bug).

1.1.6 (bug fix for working in Internet Explorer)

  • now also in IE it runs. what a lucky.

1.1.7 (Fixed a small issue on parameters serialization)

  • there was a small issue in serializing native arrays.
  • for example (as reported by AndreV in this post) the following instructions were not working:
    • int [] seriesData = new int []{ 11,42,67,88,56,65,55,87 };
      String[] seriesLabels = new String [] { "Renault", "Ford", "Toyota", "Citroen", "Honda", "Volkswagen", "Saab", "BMW" };

1.2.0 (convergence with gwt and gxt core layer)

  • Separated layer of JS generation and widget library (to integrate with gwt adapter too).
  • Series with full support of nested options (the methods have been renamed from addRawOption to addSubOption...). Paths can be nested (e.g. addSubOption("dataLabels/enabled", true) ).
  • Read the migration guide to 1.2.x before using it.

1.2.1 (Added support for options inside points of series)

  • As reported by AndreV the points inside series (SeriesDataEntry) did not support options (like color of the point, etc... see here for all available options). Well not it's possible.