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HC-Gxt 1.3.1-RC1 on the way

Release note

It is a Release Candidate since new features have been added and roughly tested.

Get Extremes for HighStocks

The HighChart objects now expose the method getExtremes() returning the extremes of selection on HighStock.
In case of failure the extremes will have values -1.

  SelectionRange range = myhighStock.getExtremes();
  range.minX; // The min X of the selection

For further details on data representation refer to getExtremes of official HighStock APIs.

The sources can be downloaded here.

Comments on how (and if) it is working are well accepted.

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  1. Daniele – great addition to your API – thanks for taking the time to do this. It would be great is some event were thrown when the settings on the navigator are changed. I do, however, not see any information on events in the hightCharts/highStock API docs.


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