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New HC-Gxt 1.3.0 is out (HighStock Support)

What's new

Incredibly, my laziness has been defeated.

Now HighStocks are supported!!!

Even if in draft version, it seems to work.

What you need to migrate?

  • install in war folder the highstock js files. So you obtain a structure like this:
    • war/highcharts/js/...
    • war/highstock/js/...
  • include in the main html file the following line:
  • 	<script type="text/javascript" src="highstock/js/highstock.js"></script>
  • Build charts this way
    • the category can be either HIGHCHARTS or HIGHSTOCK
    • the id can be left empty a new one will be assigned
    • the type now must be passed by instantiating a ChartType
    new HighChart(HighChart.ChartCategory.HIGHCHARTS, null, new ChartType("spline"));


The new release can be found here.


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